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Admissions are now open at St. Mary’s Arcadian School for Standards I-IX, academic year 2024-25. Join our community for a transformative education experience emphasizing academic excellence, creativity, and ethical values. Our dedicated faculty and diverse curriculum support each student’s journey towards becoming confident, responsible global citizens. Discover how St. Mary’s Arcadian School fosters intellectual growth and personal development in a nurturing environment. Secure your place now for a bright future. Contact us for more information.


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Our students consistently set new standards of excellence, a trend exemplified by Titil Mandal’s exceptional score of 99.4% in the CBSE (X) AISSE-2022. At our school, we craft programs specifically designed to empower and inspire every student. We emphasize a blend of rigorous academic preparation and creative problem-solving, equipping our students with the resilience and innovative thinking needed to face global challenges effectively.

Scholarships for academic excellence play a crucial role in fostering learning and encouraging higher educational standards. Our topper, Titil Mandal scored 99.4% and was awarded scholarship for her outstanding performance in AISSE ‘21-2022. We recognize the hard work and dedication of students and aim to support their continued success.

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