St. Mary’s Arcadian School recently celebrated Rabindra Jayanti with grandeur, commemorating the birth anniversary of the revered polymath Rabindranath Tagore, whose profound influence resonates in the corridors of literature, music, and art across the globe. This event not only highlighted Tagore’s contributions but also showcased our students’ talents and their appreciation for cultural heritage.


The festivities began with the morning assembly, where students paid homage to Tagore by garlanding his portrait, setting a reflective tone for the day. Teachers and students alike spoke eloquently about the myriad aspects of Tagore’s life—the poet, the playwright, the composer, and the philosopher—each narrative weaving a richer tapestry of his monumental legacy.

The highlight of the celebration was the cultural performances. Students dressed in traditional attire performed dances choreographed to Tagore’s songs, known as Rabindra Sangeet, which capture the essence of human emotions and philosophical thoughts through melodious tunes and lyrical prowess. The performances were not just a display of rhythm and grace but a heartfelt tribute to Tagore’s visionary aesthetics.

Dramatic readings of Tagore’s poetry and excerpts from his plays also took center stage, with participants delivering powerful renditions that left the audience spellbound. The eloquence of his words, so masterfully expressed by our students, underscored Tagore’s timeless relevance in today’s world.

The celebration of Rabindra Jayanti at St. Mary’s Arcadian School goes beyond mere remembrance; it is an educational journey into the heart of Bengali culture and intellectual history. By immersing themselves in Tagore’s works, students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for one of the greatest literary figures of India.

As the day drew to a close, the air was thick with the spirit of pride and admiration for Tagore’s enduring legacy. Our school’s commitment to nurturing a love for culture and arts among students was vividly on display, as was the community’s enthusiasm for participating in such enriching traditions.

We invite you to visit our website and view the photo gallery from Rabindra Jayanti, to witness how St. Mary’s Arcadian School honors the great Rabindranath Tagore, ensuring that his teachings and art continue to inspire generations.

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