Mission and vision

Mission and Vision of St. Mary’s Arcadian School


At St. Mary’s Arcadian School, our mission is rooted in the venerable tradition of great Indian educators from the Vedic era. We are dedicated to delivering a child-centric and value-based education that addresses the multifaceted needs of our students. Our educational approach ensures that the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being of our students are nurtured. We aim to equip our students with the necessary skills and values to flourish as global citizens.


Our vision extends beyond the traditional learning paradigms. At St. Mary’s Arcadian School, we strive to impart education that is not merely about memorizing facts but is focused on training the mind to think critically and creatively. We are committed to fostering an educational environment where learning is an interactive and reflective process, enabling students to engage deeply with the material and apply their knowledge in diverse, real-world contexts.

By embodying this mission and vision, St. Mary’s Arcadian School seeks to empower students to achieve their highest potential, ensuring they make meaningful contributions to society while growing into well-rounded individuals.