Principal’s Message


- Indranil Bhaumik

- St. Mary's Arcadian School

Message from the Principal

 A Caring Community School which aims to develop well adjusted individuals who strive to achieve their full potential in a dynamic, caring and supportive environment.

We, at St. Mary’s Arcadian School, aim towards sound academics, self-discipline, self-worth, respect for others and co-operative learning and living skills. Be with us, St. Mary’s Arcadian School, to serve the community in a better way. We are trying to redefine the excellence in education by striking a balance between the intelligence quotient and emotional quotient of every learner.

Everybody should take in consideration what UNESCO has to say in this report. Understanding the Four Pillars of Education can make us become better people as well as improve our lives as teachers. Being able to learn to know can help us gain a deeper comprehension of the world that surrounds us, by mastering learning tools, developing concentration, memory skills and the ability to think. Human beings need all these to solve problems, have abstract thoughts and to be capable of combining deductive and inductive reasoning, so learning to do won’t be so difficult.

In these times the more we know the better; but if we are not qualified to do things, it makes it almost impossible to succeed. Occupational and skill training, personal competence, social behavior, personal initiative, willingness to take risks and group work abilities are as important and necessary today. Let me take help of Confucius here, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Pro Deo et Patria!