Rules & Regulations


ü Students must attend the assembly regularly and punctually, except medical issue /s and only after proper comprehension and consideration by the school authorities.

ü Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed.

ü Every student must wear the School ID with the School Badge.

ü It is the students’ duty also to take proper care of all school property. No damage to any school property is to be done by a student.

ü The school shall not be responsible for the loss of books, money or any other valuable brought to the school without prior permission of the school authorities. They should be very careful about their own valuables/ belongings.

ü In case of any change in address, contact number or any other relevant information, it has to be informed to school office immediately.

ü Every student should bear high moral standard and ethical values for their holistic development.

ü Every student should participate in all the programmes/events/functions conducted by the school.

ü No student is expected to bring any mobile phone/laptop or any other electronic device to school.

ü Abusive language is strictly prohibited.

ü Any form of ragging / bullying is punishable under law.

ü No slogan writing/ graffiti is allowed inside the school premises.


ü It is the duty of the students to maintain neatness of school campus.